Monday, June 25, 2012

Mumbai Local Trains

Mumbai local trains are one of the worlds most experiencing ride, everyday there is an incident taken place in the local train....there are fights, laughter, fun, crowed etc.
The trains of Mumbai carries more than 7.24 million daily, and the best part is they offer everybody inside the train, even though the train is fully packed. 

Their are different kinds of stuff people do in the train..  

Some of them just sit and read the news paper from the front page to the last page in line.

Some people play cards, and have fun

Some people sleep in a weird way as if they are dead, no matter the trains are so noisy a normal 

Mumbaikar can always sleep peacefully.

Some of then just sit and chat about their daily lives, and daily experiences.

Some of them keep cracking jokes and laugh out loud
People hanging out because lack of space in the train.
Some get snacks like dhokla, samosa, biscuits, popcorn etc..and share with each other and eat.

And during the peak hours there are different groups who play bhajan(God songs)so loud that you cant hear anything except the song, and suddenly from nowhere a salesman appears to sell different items like pens, different kind of pencils, drawing and colouring books for children, perfumes, etc and you will never see such a salesman who explains the whole product so nicely to the crowed that, even if u don't like that pen set or colouring book etc,u will have the intention to buy it.

Several funny incidents, do happen, which remains in the mind of the daily traveller for a long time.

the fourth seat in the train is the most terrible seat, it never makes you sit properly, your half bottom will always be out, and it is very irritating to sit on the fourth seat.
Churchgate station the last station of southmumbai
I normally while travelling through train, i don't sit, i rather hang outside because its better to get some breeze, instead of sitting in the congested area, its so smelling and hot, so i stand on the door and hang outside and enjoy the city and the nice breezy wind.

Normal daily crowd at Borivali station.

Normal daily crowd


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